What’s the best guidance for each of the following scenarios?

Select the best answer for each prompt.

You’re releasing a new action-movie trailer and want to pique the interest of potential moviegoers.

Drop viewers in from the first shot and sustain their attention with an immersive, fast-paced story.

You’ve developed a single creative to drive two types of actions on your website.

Develop a separate ad for each desired action, since ads with simpler messaging perform better than ads with multiple messages.

You’ve developed creative with voice-overs and supers at different moments rather than matching them at the same moment.

Simply having the voice-over match the super can drive higher recall lift.

You have some existing video assets, but limited resources for creating new ads.

Focus on framing and pacing, as these are low-effort, high-return edits that you can make with preexisting content.

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